Simple Ways to Increase Your Performance and Productivity at Work

Simple Ways to Increase Your Performance and Productivity at Work

Whether you are an entrepreneur or employee, you are expected to meet deadlines, make complex decisions quickly and effectively, and manage relationships with others - all while producing top quality results, which isn't always easy or possible.  

However, practicing mindfulness at work can yield huge benefits as it can help calm your mind, improve your daily productivity and performance, and deal with stressful challenges effectively that can seem impossible to overcome at times.  

Here are some top ways to be mindful at work this New Year.

1). Try to be your best self (regardless of how cliché it sounds). Think about the times that you were most engaged at work.  Did you feel inspired, clear-headed, and confident? Did you work on something new and challenging? Try to emulate that frame of mind to increase your productivity.

2). Even though it’s not always easy to do, pay attention to your stress levels. Did a new project or deadline pop up?  If so, take a few steps back, breath, and think about the steps you will take to tackle it effectively.

3). Get up and move around every hour to get the blood flowing. Not only will movement elevate your heart rate, it will help bring you some mental clarity.

4). Become more self-aware. Pay attention to what's happening around you.

5). Despite what most managers think, multitasking is bad. Try to focus on one task at a time because multi-tasking requires your brain to switch gears, and often leads to lost productivity.

6). Regardless of the situation, think through the decisions you make critically and thoroughly. Slowing down a bit can increase efficiency and help you become a better communicator.

7). Accept what you can't change. Learn to accept who you are - your strengths and weaknesses. Try to capitalize on your strengths and develop your weaknesses as best as you can. You'll be able to enjoy your work more.

8). Try to schedule 5 to 10 minutes of alone time before you head into work and before you leave the office.  Think about your day - what you enjoyed and what you didn't enjoy.